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Some Fun Parts of IoT TECH EXPO 2016

IOT TECH EXPO was held recently in Santa Clara Oct 20-21st. I attended the event as a student and here are some interesting parts of the IoT TECH EXPO 2016

Smart Bottle Using NFC

The prototype Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle uses extremely thin, electronic sensors which can tell if the bottle has been opened or not and where it is in the supply chain.

According to Davor Sutija, Thinfilm Chief Executive Officer, "By leveraging OpenSense™, Thinfilm is enabling the 'smart bottles' to carry digital information that can be accessed via NFC smartphones. Diageo can reap the benefits of the intelligence gleaned from our smart sensors and create engaging experiences for its customers. This is how we will begin to build the real Internet of Everything."

SpringCard using NFC

SpringCard is a NFC solution provider.

For me, NFC seems to be very useful, but the biggest obstacle is not the technology, but Apple's devices not supporting NFC.


  • They don't use database to address realtime data, because the cost of using database is too high
  • They don't really want to go into China. It seems that they know more about Chinese policies and circumstances than we thought before.
  • They think unique tech is the core of winning competition.

OSVR sensing platform

  • OSVR intends to be the middle layer of sensors and devices, to make development easier.
  • Special definition of user interaction
  • Semantic coding in OSVR API.
  • How to make out of home VR possible?

Some problem with VR

When listening to the OSVR speech, we have question about how to make out of home VR without cables.

This worry comes true only 10 minutes after the speech: we tried the VIVE in the exhibition area, but my friend was forced to quit from the game because of stepping on the cable. The cable problem may be an obstacle of VR AR development.

Shining shoes

We meet one guy in the lobby, and it's funny to find his shoe shines when stepping forward. We then start brainstorming what the shoes can do:

  • Of course it can count your steps number and walking distance as every step shines
  • Get your weight when needed
  • Count the weight loss after poop (OMG) and the weight you get after eating, and predict if you will not get fat
  • Remind to do sports if not shiny in a period
  • Make you do sports more because you want to show off your shiny shoes
  • Shoe connect to blanket as IoT open home with matching the NFC in the shoes and open door automatically.
  • As for counting weight lost after pooping, a new home shoe should be developed and a series of shoes can be developed like a internet of shoes
  • Open a company sale the shoes: Shoe-as-a-service (SaaS)

707 platform deals of IoT

The people who are doing IoT is much more than we thought: 707 platforms are already there for dealing with IoT.

One more thing:

Two events (IoT & VR/AR) are held in the same place. I went to both EXPO and found that VR industry is much more richer than the IoT now.

  • The lunch
  • The free food and coffee
  • The personal card with USB
  • The intend of sale or share ... But will VR keep this advantage? I doubt it.


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