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Abstract: The Art Of Design

Abstract: The Art of Design is a documentary by Netflix, and it's different. In the past, most of the documentaries recorded how designers work and how great they are. But few focused on the "abstract" th......


Console Log Big Emoji

I use console.log to debug JavaScript codes. It's a painful process as I said: it is debug. When bugs are found, console.log("Bugs, again") works and logs this in console: "Bugs, again." It'......


Gamification - 1 - [Course Notes]

This is really a fun coursera course to study and I truly recommend this course for learning gamificaiton.

The complete course notes is composed of two blog posts:

Gamification - 1 focuses on the basic knowledge o......


Inclusive Front-End Design Patterns - [Reading Notes]

We might not realize it, but as developers, we build inaccessible websites all the time. It’s not for the lack of care or talent though — it’s a matter of doing things the wrong way. In this book, we explore how we can......


CES 2017: 6 Companies with Cool Products

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) is the world's biggest technology conference for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

2017 is the 50th year of CES, and the products show......


React Study Notes

This is the React study notes I made when I started to learn React.

In the study process, I've learned from more than 20 tutorials & videos and collected all the demos tha......


Apple Watch: Jump to the Next Curve

I bought an Apple Watch 2 weeks ago. After 2 week-long trial of using the apple watch, it is likely the next curve of consumer electronics in my opinion. Here are 6 points why I formed my hypothesis.

#1 IoT - ho......


Grubhub Business Analysis and Prognosis

This is the final presentation of FSM course.

Speaker: Xiaojun, Arthur, Hector, and me.

You can have a look at this more detailed report: Grubhub - Market Analysis & Business Strategy


Grubhub - Market Analysis & Business Strategy

This is the course report of analyzing Grubhub's Market and Business. PDF download

Author: Arthur M Sampaio, Hongyang Wang, Hector Guo, Xiaojun Li

Date: November 26, 2016

You can have a look at our present......