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About Me - Hubert(Hongyang) Wang

Hubert(Hongyang) Wang

2017-12: Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley, Master of Science in School of Engineering, Software Management

2016-06: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

I love technology and major in Front-end Engineering / Product management. I also like Backend Engineering / Design.

During my undergraduation process, I used to do scientific research in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision area, and submitted a paper to ECCV, one of the top conferences in scientific area.

I volunteered to help the left-behind children's education for a long time, and delivered relief supplies to disaster area with Chinese Red Cross Foundation. The volunteer experience makes me be always willing to help and give.

I believe cross-boundary co-operation creates value and collaborated with Professor Sam Cho (his META platform) to create a multi-disciplinary platform

I'm also a fitness fanatic.

Honors and Experiences


2016-09 ~ now: Carnegie Mellon University, SOC lab, Graduate Assistant (GA)

2016-10 ~ now: Carnegie Mellon University, Design DOJO Club, Web Lead

2016-05 ~ 2016-07: UBER, Web developer intern and HR intern

2015-06 ~ 2016-04: HUST Media and Communication Lab, Research Assistant (RA)

2015-11 ~ 2016.04: AUTOINHOME, Web Engineer Intern

2015-1 ~ now: Sicun Studio, Director and Web Lead

2015-11 ~ 2015-12: TensorFlow translation proofread

2014-3 ~ 2015-3: Bingyan Studio, Web Front-end Engineer

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Hubert Wang

About my blog

I think blog is a way to record and share your life.

My blog includes:

  1. Front-end Technology
  2. Intelligent System and Machine Learning
  3. Web Design
  4. Thoughts of Products
  5. Books, Movies, Interesting Experiences