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Apple Watch: Jump to the Next Curve

I bought an Apple Watch 2 weeks ago. After 2 week-long trial of using the apple watch, it is likely the next curve of consumer electronics in my opinion. Here are 6 points why I formed my hypothesis.

#1 IoT - homekit

With homekit in the near future, apple watch will be the controller of all home devices. Apple watch is the only possible devices you can wear all day long till now, so it maybe the most possible choice of becoming the controller of apple homekit.

#2 Speech Interaction

Speech becomes a real interactive way. Only after I started to use Apple watch, did I know the importance of Siri for the next interaction curve — speech interaction. Say "hey Siri" anytime with lighted screen and speak out what you need in stead of touching the screen. With the fast development of VR / AR / IoT, speech controll is a promising interactive way for its convenience. Apple Watch is the leader of devices using voice control.

#3 Sports Evolution by Gamification

Sports evolution by gamification. Apple combines daily tracker with ranking and awards to design doing sports as a game purposely. By making sports fun and rewarding, exercise amount increases. Also, this watch provides data to gauge sports precisely, which means a lot for professional exerciser. Imagine one possible usage: recommend the amount of intaking protein by calculating the calories used.

#4 Health.

Here is a specific one-day trial with apple watch providing healthy tips:

  1. Wake up. Apple watch vibrates to remind you wake up, in stead of using iPhone setting alarms and change the song you love into the song you hate.
  2. Stand up every one hour. Get rid of long time sitting, and furthur increase work efficiency.
  3. Breath at proper time. It seems a dummy function, by it do helps. I found the watch reminds you to breath just after you finished highly nervous work in stead of during the nervous work. This is a great time choice: I want to relax after high efficient work, in stead of work with laziness.
  4. Sports with gamification. Mentioned before.
  5. Sports with heart rate for healthy sports.
  6. Sleep record. This function is realized by third party app. Here is one more possibility that I believe will become true in near future. Human's sleep can be divided into 3 parts: deep, light and awake. If you are waked up when you are "awake", you feel comfortable and not borthored. And I found many sleep App can already get the current state of human sleep. So why not wake me up when I was "awake" around 9:00 in stead of exactly 9:00?

#5 New Function with Wearable Device

Walking direction guide and payment explore the usage of wearable devices. Apple watch will vibrate at the cross if you are using apple map to guide your way (safe drive by not watching iPhone). You can use apple watch to pay instead of wallet or iPhone. These two funcitons explores the possibility of wearable devices. And more functions will definitely be expolred in the near future. This is the real charming part of wearable devices.

#6 Message control

I get one more channel of receiving messages, but I use less time to check my messages (especially on iPhone). Message control is a quite useful function in apple watch (in fact, in Wechat APP on apple watch, you can choose to receive certain people / group's messages and quick reply. For me, it's a genius solution by Wechat and a real time-saver). No important message is missed & no junk message jumps in.

In conclusion, in my thoughts, apple watch supposes to be the next curve of consumer electronics and will lead the wearable devices market in near future.

By the way, Airpods will be released in Dec. 2016, I think this device will also be an important wearable device for the near future.



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