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Sales & Marketing Machine Summary

Picture from David Skok Blog

Sales and Marketing Machine is a structured methodology addressing customer acquisition process by David Skok, this article is a short 2-page summary sheet for this methodology.

For ......


Gamification - 1 - [Course Notes]

This is really a fun coursera course to study and I truly recommend this course for learning gamificaiton.

The complete course notes is composed of two blog posts:

Gamification - 1 focuses on the basic knowledge o......


Grubhub Business Analysis and Prognosis

This is the final presentation of FSM course.

Speaker: Xiaojun, Arthur, Hector, and me.

You can have a look at this more detailed report: Grubhub - Market Analysis & Business Strategy


Grubhub - Market Analysis & Business Strategy

This is the course report of analyzing Grubhub's Market and Business. PDF download

Author: Arthur M Sampaio, Hongyang Wang, Hector Guo, Xiaojun Li

Date: November 26, 2016

You can have a look at our present......


Google I/O 2016 之新兴市场用户研究

By Nithya Sambasivan & Nibha Jain

为什么要做用户研究(User Research)?


PM 因为对产品太了解,预期太强,而忽略用户的感受。

做用户研究不仅仅只是 PM 的责任,是整个团队的责任。

新兴市场(Emerging Markets)是怎样的?