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Earth Day 2017 - April 22

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Protect the earth today and everyday! 😜

— Hongyang Wang, April 14, 2017


JavaScript Promises Study Notes

This article is the Udacity online course notes of JavaScript Promises by Google. The teacher of this course is Cameron Pittman.

Callbacks vs Thens

"The Promise object is used for deferred and asynchronou......


Sales & Marketing Machine Summary

Picture from David Skok Blog

Sales and Marketing Machine is a structured methodology addressing customer acquisition process by David Skok, this article is a short 2-page summary sheet for this methodology.

For ......


Building CSS Grid Layout in Two Steps

Picture from egghead

Why do I feel excited about the new CSS grid?

CSS grid gives us a more natural coding experience than using float or flex for complex layout.

Grid-based web design can be translated to web l......


How much is your knowledge?

Priceless knowledge can be priced, and a new business model utilizing the intangible asset — knowledge — is emerging in China now.

In the past few years, we've been used to the free knowledge shared in every a......


2017: The Year of Self-driving Car

Picture source: dxlab design

My Tesla is like a phone on wheels.

— Vivek Wadhwa

What is self-driving car? According to Wikipedia, A self-driving car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and......


(N+1) Trends by CB Insights

(N+1) Trends are technologies, business models and distribution innovations that you sould watch for in the next 5 to 10 years.

Contents from CB Insights innovation summit — PPT can be found here, transcript of ......


How Will Future Home Health Care Make Hospital Disappear?

Picture by Abdul Khan on Behance

How will future home health care make hospitals disappear?

Our team LUCY in Exponential Innovation course is aiming at providing future home health care solution to prevent people fro......